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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2007-03-07

In this issue:  Daylight-saving time, safety of
antioxidants, and nutritional value of organics.

Direct describes a guerrilla marketing agency that is
designing direct response TV spots aimed at prisoners.

---Daylight-Saving Time---
The new daylight-saving time changes could affect some IT
systems, though this issue certainly doesn't approach the
scope of Y2K.  CIO tells tech managers what they need to

Chemistry World says that a new report has added fuel to the
health controversy surrounding antioxidant supplements,
concluding that some of them increase the risk of death.
The organic-vs.-local debate has become one of the liveliest
in the food world.  Science should trump culture on matters
of nutrition.  Time Europe says the problem is that science
offers no clear guidelines on how beneficial organic food

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This Old House looks at bathroom design features for meeting
the demands of the aging.

Many intelligent people don't do well on tests, even though
they may be highly intelligent in their own way.  Job
Journal has some suggestions to make you smarter.

Linux Journal says we're not going to get the Internet
access we want in the U.S. until we quit thinking it's gravy
on top of telephone and cable service.

Eye says southern-fried drama messes with the cliches in the
film Black Snake Moan, starring Christina Ricci, Justin
Timberlake, and Samuel L. Jackson.

The author of this IEEE Spectrum article became one of the
first do-it-yourselfers to have a radio-frequency
identification (RFID) tag implanted under his skin.  He
tells how it has changed his life.

The Motley Fool tells you the truth behind tax-bracket

Carbonado, or black, diamonds look more like basalt than
their traditional colorless counterparts.  Geotimes reports
on research indicates that carbonado diamonds might have
formed in space.
On behalf of 30,000 inhabitants of Ecuador's remote Oriente
region, one New York lawyer is suing Chevron for dumping 18
gallons of toxic wastewater into the region, according to