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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2007-02-28

In this issue:  Video resumes, secrets of the bloggers, and
a review of Zagat.

InternetNews reports on a new development in rechargeable

The best video resumes are are smart, colorful and
effective.  Yet human-resources people are wringing their
collective hands over visually enhanced job applications. 
Time Europe says many recruiters won't even accept CVs with
photos attached for fear of lawsuits.
The hyperentrepreneurial Richard Branson has an unlimited
appetite for outlandish promotional stunts, but Time Europe
thinks launching the space-tourism industry with him on
board the first Virgin Galactic flight would be tough to

Smart Money tells you 10 things about bloggers that you
might not know.

Smart Money claims to have four ways to double your money in
five years.

It used to be pretty tough to get a high rating from the
Zagat guide.  But Smart Money crunched the numbers and
discovered the latest dining trend at Zagat:  grade
inflation.  Should you trust the reviews?