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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2007-02-21

In this issue:  How business will solve social problems,
limitations of ethanol, and Al-Jazeera.

Popular Mechanics claims the Acadia just may be the
best-executed GM vehicle since the Corvette.  Yeah, it's
that good.

Fast Company says a suite of new global forces is emerging
that will remake the operating environment for global
capitalism, obliterate the walls between the Friedmanesque
Hatfields and the Naderesque McCoys, and inject a "greed is
good" mentality into our approach to grand social problems.

The technology behind mice, keyboards and other computing
peripherals is older than you think.  Entrepreneur provides
a sneak peek at what the future holds.

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Scientists warn that corn-based ethanol can't realistically
cut carbon emissions or gasoline usage, according to
Chemistry World.  This hasn't stopped US ethanol producers
happily gobbling up corn, galvanized by high oil prices and
generous tax credits.

BusinessWeek provides a guide to decoding the dizzying array
of acronyms on your financial adviser's business card.

Chemistry World details a controversy surrounding Pfizer's
For Americans, the idea of cloned meat elicits distaste.  Is
that gut reaction justified?  From a food-safety standpoint,
Scientific American says it probably isn't.

Up to a point, Al-Jazeera English looks like your cable
news.  Past that point, it doesn't.  Not that you can see
it, anyway.  The American Prospect says no U.S. satellite or
cable company has picked the channel up.

The increasing number of American clergy getting caught with
their hands in the offertory is once again prompting
questions about the Catholic priesthood, according to Time