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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2007-02-07

In this issue:  China's bubble, the brain, and a wine guide.

Corn feeds the production of meat and dairy goods in the
United States, so Science News asserts that those products
are likely to increase in price as ethanol fuel demands more
of the country's corn supply.

Comparisons are being drawn between China's stock boom and
the U.S. dotcom bubble of the late 1990s.  If this is a
bubble, Time Asia ponders whether it is about to burst.

---Science & Technology---
Will machines ever be capable of human intelligence?  CIO
says two of today's top technology minds agree that's
ultimately a matter for philosophers, not scientists, to
As 21st century science and technology open the brain to us
as never before, accepted truths are becoming less true. 
The brain, we're finding, is indeed a bordered organ,
subdivided into zones and functions.  But Time Europe says
the lines are blurrier than we ever imagined.

Make your website more useful:

What happens when a real estate tycoon who's made a pile of
money starts thinking really big?  In the case of Robert
Bigelow, he starts working out a way to build hotels in
outer space.  IEEE Spectrum says he just might be smart
enough, rich enough, and driven enough to pull it off.

Even legal tax season ploys can come back to bite you.  The
Motley Fool provides some tips on staying on the right side
of the law with Uncle Sam.

Wine Enthusiast provides a general guide to the quality and
drinkability of the world's wines.