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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2007-01-17

In this issue:  The rise of China, YouTube, and pairing

General Motors has a 100-mph, all-electric entry into the
market for hybrid 2.0, Popular Mechanics reports from the
Detroit auto show.

---Climate Change---
To seriously address the issue of global climate change,
Scientific American says policymakers need to establish a
framework that extends through the end of the century.

So you finally have the chance to do something positive with
your money, like paying off your debts and building a
successful future.  But to do so you'll need to follow a
financial timeline, according to AskMen.

There need be no wars between China and the U.S., no
catastrophes, no economic competition that gets out of
hand.  But in this century the relative power of the U.S. is
going to decline, and that of China is going to rise,
according to Time Europe.

Steve Chen, 28, and Chad Hurley, 29, two of the three
founders of YouTube, built a website that changed the online
world in 2006.  Time Europe takes a look at the phenomenon.

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Coming to every theater near you:  Spider-Man 3, Shrek the
Third and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End.  The
movie industry hopes, according to Time Europe, that
audiences believe all the hype for these threequels.

NASA put a man on the moon -- then lost the videotape. 
Wired describes the star-crossed mission of a grizzled crew
of ex-rocket jockeys to find it.

Scientific American ponders whether science will benefit
from the shift in political power in Washington.

AskMen gives some rules for pairing wines.