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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2007-01-10

Some readers didn't receive the newsletter last week due to
a glitch during a server upgrade.  If you missed it, you can
view it here:

In this issue:  Relieving stress, North Korea's non-nuclear
threat, and Arctic oil.

Motley Fool points out that the FDA has endorsed food from
cloned animals.

Researchers are several steps closer to finding Homer's
Ithaca, thanks to new results released from geologic tests
that support the hypothesis that the ancient kingdom of
Ithaca may in fact be on western Kefalonia, according to

Managing your stress in some unhealthy ways?  Health
provides some new stress busters that really work.

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---North Korea---
While its nuclear test spurs outrage, North Korea grows a
vast biochemical weapons arsenal in secrecy.  Popular
Mechanics investigate Kim Jong Il's deception, his country's
human trials and the terror potential of this rogue nation's
deadly harvest.

The United States shouldn't lose OPEC's number just yet --
Geotimes warns that the Arctic contains far less
undiscovered oil than previously thought.

Popular Mechanics says the debate over a plan to pump water
out of the Nevada desert could be the next battle in the war
over the West's most vital natural resource.

Bezos' prototype spacecraft nicknamed Goddard climbed to 285
feet before descending back to Earth.  The Motley Fool says
that's an important step forward on a long path toward the
heavens.  History teaches that billion-dollar innovations
are created slowly.