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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2006-12-27

Hot Neuron wishes our readers happiness and prosperity in
the new year.

In this issue:  Privacy is good for business, and a look at
the safety of RFID-enhanced credit cards, 

American businesses lobbying for lax privacy and security
regulations should look at Europe's example to see the
economic value of tighter rules, according to InternetNews.

Motley Fool gives tips for cutting your 2006 taxes.  Act
before Dec. 31!
It's time to ban the excuses and make some important changes
in your life for 2007.  Motley Fool provides a list of
action items -- most of them financial -- that can be done
in less than five minutes.
Popular Mechanics says scammers can scan your new
RFID-enhanced credit card from more than 2 feet away.   But
is it any more vulnerable than a conventional credit card?