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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2006-12-20

Best wishes for the holidays from your friends at MagPortal.

In this issue:  Scary times for small companies, tax havens,
and robotics

There's no stopping the hands of time, but there are things
men can do to help slow (or mask) the effects of aging,
according to AskMen.

Time Europe lists the year's top books from Africa, Europe
and the Middle East.

The Motley Fool says the IRS is threatening close scrutiny
of unincorporated businesses.  One likely reason why the IRS
wants to crack down on unincorporated businesses is because
there are substantial amounts of potential lost revenue
Slim Devices is a Silicon Valley startup with hot products
for audiophiles.  It's also a next-generation open
organization where customers imagine and design the
products.  Fast Company asks if this the company of the

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AskMen provides tips for using credit cards wisely.
Switzerland and the Cayman Islands aren't the only places
for storing away money.  AskMen looks at some other tax

Off the Black may be Nick Nolte's film, but Culture Vulture
says Trevor Morgan's breakout performance counters Nolte's
in countless captivating ways.

The leader of the PC revolution predicts that the next hot
field will be robotics.  Scientific American says some of
the world's best minds are trying to solve the toughest
problems of robotics, such as visual recognition, navigation
and machine learning.  And they are succeeding.