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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2006-11-15

In this issue:  Importance of vitamin D, state of the
housing market, and DNA use.

Sun Microsystems last month broke virtual ground as the
first Fortune 500 company to hold a full-scale media event
in the online world of Second Life, according to BtoB.

Science News reports that deficiency in vitamin D may
predispose people to infection.
Industrial chemicals may have caused a `silent pandemic' by
damaging the developing brains of millions of children
worldwide.  But leading toxicologists say that this
conclusion is alarmist and a gross over-statement, although
the issue itself is of serious concern, according to
Chemistry World.

This Old House provides five simple ways for homeowners to
save water.
The long-anticipated housing market slowdown has arrived
with a stench of burnt brake pads.  Smart Money says the
impact is broader and deeper than many observers expected. 
In many cities buyers are back in control, but with the
market moving so fast, it's still easy to overpay.

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Smart Money tells you 10 things your 401(k) provider won't.

Stranger Than Fiction, starring Will Ferrell, Dustin
Hoffman, and Emma Thompson, makes a fairly satisfying
philosophical stab at the age-old question of free will
versus fate, according to Culture Vulture.

AskMen provides a brief primer on HDTV technology.

Popular Mechanics says President Bush's appointment of
former CIA Director Robert Gates to the Defense Secretary
post brings several of Donald Rumsfeld's pet projects into
the political crossfire.
Scientific American warns that relaxing of government rules
on DNA use will allow family members to be pursued during a
criminal investigation where there is a partial DNA match
against a relative who is already in the system.
Over the next few decades, the U.S. population will grow
significantly older.  Investment Advisor says that
development will affect our society and our economy in many

Computing Unplugged looks at the state of voting in America
and how privacy during this process is being compromised.

After a three-year investigation, the official report
finally answers lingering questions about the crash of
flight 587, according to Popular Mechanics.
Gordon Bell feeds every piece of his life into a surrogate
brain called MyLifeBits, and soon the rest of us will be
able to do the same.  But Fast Company wonders whether
perfect memory makes you smarter, or whether it would just
drives you nuts.