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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2006-11-08

In this issue:  Google delves into print, healing with
antiprotons, and e-voting.

The Motley Fool reports on Google's push into newspaper

Eye says Bobcat Goldthwait's romantic comedy, Sleeping Dogs
Lie, rises above its scandalous premise.  One of the year's
most audacious and likeable American comedies, the film is a
dirty joke with a surprisingly tragic punchline.

Researchers working at Cern's particle accelerator
laboratory have just reported a successful first experiment
into the biological effects of antiproton radiation on
living cells.  Chemistry World says a US biotech firm
already owns the intellectual property rights on the
development of an antiproton clinic.

AskMen provides a list of 10 sports contracts that involve
double-digit length or triple-digit figures.
Brad Snyder's "A Well-Paid Slave" details the life of Curt
Flood, who's 1969 refusal to be traded is credited as the
inspiration for baseball's binding arbitration and free
agency, according to Sports Central.

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InternetNews says a little yellow button on the back of
Sequoia voting machines provides a manual override that lets
a single person vote multiple times.
Science News reports on efforts by Computer scientists and
mathematicians to find better ways to vote.
InternetNews says that Brazil might be the model for
e-voting reform in the U.S.
InternetNews says Republicans and Democrats are both making
noises about faulty electronic voting machines.

Chronicle of Philanthropy reports on rock star Elton John's
efforts to raises millions of dollars to fight AIDS.
As NASA officials continue to search for missing Apollo 11
moon landing tapes, the search has turned up some
interesting leads, including some lunar data found on the
other side of the globe, according to Geotimes.