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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2006-10-18

In this issue:  Hydrogen power, benefits of olive oil, and
North Korea's other weapons.

Popular Mechanics tells you how to prepare for a disaster.

Can the simplest element in the universe really power our
homes, fuel our cars and reduce our contribution to global
warming?  Popular Mechanics crunches the numbers on the real
hydrogen economy.

Science News reports on new studies finding benefits in
olive oil beyond its heart-friendly fats.
Public-health advocate Richard Jackson argues in Metropolis
that the way we build cities and neighborhoods is the source
of many chronic diseases.
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Wired says Second Life is a world of endless reinvention
where you can change your shape, your gender, even your
species as easily as you might slip into a pair of shoes
back home.

The consensus is that North Korea has developed anthrax,
plague and botulism toxin as weapons, and has extensively
researched at least six other germs including smallpox and
typhoid, according to Popular Mechanics.
Popular Mechanics looks at nuclear detection technology and
finds out just how tough it is to hide a weapons blast.