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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2006-10-04

In this issue:  Zune is coming while anti-obesity meds
aren't, and a demographic milestone is reached.

Careful study of these lessons learned by some execs will
sharpen your decision-making skills, according to Optimize.

PC Magazine explains how rootkits can take over your
computer, steal data under your nose, and how to stop them.

Backyard wind turbines turn energy consumers into
suppliers.  Tremendous demand and a federal production tax
credit for makers of large turbines make utility-scale wind
a good business to be in right now for GE, according to IEEE

Microsoft has taken the wraps off the Zune digital media
player, promising to release the would-be "iPod killer" on
November 14, according to InternetNews.

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Chemistry World reports that the race for an effective
appetite-suppressing, anti-obesity drug has been held back
by disappointing results from a human clinical trial.  The
findings underline the complexity of human obesity, conclude
the researchers, and suggest it could be many years before a
drug gets to market.
A comprehensive system of electronic medical records
promises to save lives and cut health care costs -- but how
do you build one?  IEEE Spectrum says the many technical,
social, and political issues are formidable.

A lot of people hope that the ugly rifts between Europe and
the U.S. will close when George W. Bush leaves office.  Time
Europe says you shouldn't bet on it.

Critics exaggerate the dangers of nanotechnology while
boosters flog the benefits.  Popular Mechanics says we
should give nanotechnology a chance to develop before we
start taking sides.

---United States---
The United States reaches a demographic milestone, with an
anticipated population of 300 million -- behind only that of
China and India -- thanks largely to immigration, according
to Smithsonian.