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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2006-09-27

In this issue:  What food says about you, the oldest fossil
child, and cell phone fees.

New services offer ways to get ads for your small business
on TV for less than you'd expect, according to MyBusiness.

Food Processing says the recently published "What's Your
Food Sign?  How to Use Food Cues to Find Lasting Love,"
claims the foods a person likes can reveal aspects of
his/her personality.
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American Family Physician gives tips on colds and the flu.

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Although the alternative minimum tax was intended to apply
to high-income taxpayers who take advantage of loopholes, it
can also apply to middle-income taxpayers who haven't
planned their taxes thoroughly enough.  The Motley Fool
suggests steps you can take to avoid the AMT.
Should you let a computer choose your investments?  
Entrepreneur looks at quantitative funds, which do just

AskMen says many popular films based on supposedly true
stories have fallen back on everything from simple "creative
license" to "pure Hollywood hokum."

Researchers have announced the discovery of the oldest and
most complete fossil child in our evolutionary family yet
found, according to Science News.

The early termination fee on your cell contract feels like a
ball and chain, but now Verizon wants to set you free. 
Entrepreneur wonders if others will follow.
Want to lead a happier, healthier and wealthier life? 
Entrepreneur says you should start by practicing