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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2006-09-20

In this issue:  A hydrogen concept car, next-generation
DVDs, and mental exercise.

The radical thing about Chevy's hydrogen concept car is how
normal it feels to drive.  Outside, the Sequel is a sleek,
stylish SUV.  But underneath, IEEE Spectrum says it has
little in common with today's cars beyond wheels and tires.

Next-generation DVD technology has finally arrived.  PC
Magazine asks which format will work better for you: 
Blu-ray or HD DVD?

BusinessWeek says the disputed idea that mental exercise can
thwart Alzheimer's has launched an industry.
Pathogens like West Nile virus show no respect for borders. 
But a new class of vaccines may soon keep them in check,
according to Popular Mechanics.