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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2006-09-13

In this issue:  Neuromarketing, your hospital's secrets, and

The secret to a successful advertising campaign could be all
in your head, according to Time Europe.  Companies as
diverse as Unilever and DaimlerChrysler have used
Job Journal looks at trends that concern American workers.
Merrill Lynch's discrimination troubles just won't go away. 
But this time it isn't a woman raising a stink.  Registered
Rep. reports that a former sales manager, is suing a female
ex-broker and her lawyer on grounds that the two women
conspired to get him fired.

Connected Home says it makes sense to ensure that your PC is
as up-to-date as possible with the latest security updates.

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Smart Money tells you 10 things that your hospital won't.

Critics dub him a dangerous nationalist.  Fans hail him as a
strong leader for an increasingly assertive nation.  TIME
Asia introduces Shinzo Abe, the man poised to become Japan's
new Prime Minister.

While a wealthy retirement is more attainable than ever,
it's still no slam dunk.  Smart Money tells you what it
takes to stay rich (and to get there in the first place).