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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2006-09-06

In this issue:  Splogs, dangerous financing, and food

How does Toyota consistently develop higher quality vehicles
faster, for less cost, and at a greater profit than its
competitors?  IndustryWeek says the recently published "The
Toyota Product Development System: Integrating People,
Process, and Technology" will tell you.
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Wired warns that "splogs" could smother the Internet.
Is your ISP helping the feds spy on you?  PC World has the

---Middle East---
InsideFlyer reports on two posters at an Internet bulletin
board residing in the Middle East that have been providing
first-hand accounts of the unfolding battle between Israel
and Hezbollah.

BusinessWeek warns of mortgages that offer ultra-low rates
and payments anyone can afford.
Many investors don't know how to evaluate the person in
charge of their portfolios.  BusinessWeek provides seven
questions that should help.

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Culture Vulture says My Country, My Country, a documentary
film about Iraq, represents journalism at its finest.
AskMen provides the lowdown on Martin Scorsese's latest
directorial effort, The Departed, scheduled for release in

A leading analytical chemist has claimed that widespread
contamination of food by packaging materials is being
ignored by government, scientists, and the food industry,
according to Chemistry World.

---Science & Technology---
Science News reports that by inserting a gene into normal
immune cells isolated from melanoma patients, scientists
have turned the cells into cancer fighters.
IEEE Spectrum looks at what what technology is -- and isn't
-- on the horizon.

If terrorists decide to strike again, are we prepared?  IEEE
Spectrum says not really, and looks at some scenarios.

For more than 100 years, a swat team of brilliant
scientists, pest-control shock troops, and eggheads with
bizarre schemes have been waging a global war against
mosquitoes.   Outside asks why the pests are still winning.
China's Three Gorges Dam is famed for its size -- and
Geotimes says its reservoir may be large enough to change
regional weather patterns.