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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2006-08-23

In this issue:  A fix for global warming, good habits, and
tax news.

Would you like a mobile phone with that can of Coke? -- in
Europe, the age of the digitally wired vending machine is
upon us.  It's a big step for a very old technology,
according to Time Europe.

---Driving Drunk---
New state-by-state and national data from U.S. NHTSA for
2005 show that alcohol-impaired driving remains an extremely
severe problem.

Scientific American says a threefold expansion of nuclear
power could contribute significantly to staving off climate
change by avoiding one billion to two billion tons of carbon
emissions annually.

---Good Habits---
There are numerous advantages in adopting certain daily
rituals.  AskMen suggests some that you should try.

Add a news feed to your website:

National Defense reports that the Department of Defense
issued a 110-page "Encyclopedia of Ethical Failure,"
cataloging dozens of incidents of malfeasance and their

AskMen tells you some things about spam that you might not

Find out from The Motley Fool what new legislation means for
your tax bill.
For once, a cell tax is being lifted.  But Entrepreneur says
you shouldn't count on such future luck.

A Galapagos tortoise's heart, which began beating when
Abraham Lincoln was barely out of his teens, finally stopped
on June 23.  Scientific American reports that Harriet was
over 175 years old.