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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2006-08-02

In this issue:  Web 3.0, and the reason for rising oil

U.S. auto-components manufacturers take note:  IndustryWeek
says India wants your customers.

The Web can do more than improve our productivity or our
shopping experiences, say leading technology experts in

Eye says Miami Vice is efficiently assembled, passably
engaging and occasionally extraordinary -- qualities that
make it a superior mid-summer blockbuster film.
Scoop -- the new Woody Allen comedy -- comes up with a
handful of his classic zingers that somehow seem familiar
even if new, according to Culture Vulture.

The rise in oil prices has become a very pressing issue. 
The Motley Fool says all the talk in the world about what
will stop the energy price rise is moot if we fail to see it
as a consequence of speculation, not supply and demand.