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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2006-07-26

In this issue:  Cutting your utility bills, saving on
property tax, and the impact of fuel on food prices.

Many of the ideas in Donald Trump's latest book, "Trump: 
How to Get Rich," repeat those in his four or five previous
books, but Trump's presentation of them is blunt and
straightforward, according to Culture Vulture.

Over the past few years, many universities have been working
aggressively to turn academic research into profitable
companies, according to Inc.

AskMen gives tips for making your emails clear and

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BusinessWeek gives tips for choosing an e-broker.
Entrepreneur tells you how to get a better deal from your
cellular provider.
Cut your summer utility bills by as much as 40% with these
simple savings tips from Motley Fool.
Did your property-tax assessment just shoot up?  This Old
House tells you how to go about disputing the bill.

Regarding anti-terrorism funding grants to U.S. cities, the
Department of Homeland Security determined that New York
City contained no national monuments or icons, and cut its
funding by 40%, according to Scientific American.
George W. Bush and Tony Blair may look back on last week's
G-8 summit with a tinge of embarrassment, according to Time
Europe.  A private chat between the pair was picked up by an
open mike and broadcast around the world.

DailyCandy says a just-launched online marketplace connects
oenophiles directly with wineries.

Science News points out that the production of ethanol from
corn and other crops for fuel could drive up food prices.