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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2006-07-12

In this issue:  Beneficial pessimism, China's arms
acquisitions, and taxing miles.

A German firm is building a radically efficient car.  But
Time Europe ponders whether motorists will really want it. 
There are a few design issues that could give consumers

BusinessWeek points out some free programs for removing
spyware from your PC.

Personality and outlook are critical for staying healthy but
a sunny disposition only goes so far.  For some, a shot of
pessimism packs more medicinal punch.  From good stress to
lethal optimism, Psychology Today reviews the new rules of
the immunity game.
Federal scientists warn that asbestos laces many residential
soils.  Science News says respiratory exposure to this
mineral has been linked with mesothelioma, a lung cancer
that quickly turns fatal.

A spate of recent spying cases opens the lid on China's
aggressive military buildup.  What's most troubling
according to Popular Mechanics:  It is based largely on U.S.

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Faced with declining gas tax revenues, Reason says the state
of Oregon is test-driving an experimental Road User Fee
Pilot Program.  The program relies on GPS units in cars to
record where the vehicles have been, then charges the
drivers based on miles driven rather than gas consumed.
Accused of sedition, a V.A. nurse beats the rap, reports

The space shuttle Discovery lifted off for the International
Space Station on Tuesday, July 4.  It was the first launch
since the shuttle fleet was grounded last summer, according
to Geotimes.

How did a homeless man with no credentials or experience get
in the door and rise to the top as a stockbroker at two of
the Street's most prestigious names, then go on to make
millions running his own firm?  Registered Rep. tells his

AskMen tells you which kinds of liquor to keep in your bar,
as well as non-alcoholic beverages, the necessary
"equipment" -- and some extras to really impress your
AskMen profiles some of the wealthiest sheikhs.