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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2006-06-21

In this issue:  Goodbye to Bill Gates, shady blood, and
insurance traps.

Microsoft bids a slow, tender adieu to its founder and
longtime leader.  Bill Gates' title of Chief Software
Architect has already been passed on to Ray Ozzie.  It's a
tough assignment, but The Motley Fool thinks Ray Ozzie might
just be exactly the right man for the job.

The American Prospect asks whether unconsenting United
States civilians or soldiers should be used in tests for a
blood substitute.

AskMen tells you how insurance companies may try to pull the
wool over your eyes.

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Wordplay, a film about crosswords, earned big love at
Sundance and began to assume "sure thing" status as one of
the year's breakthrough documentary successes, according to
Culture Vulture says that in Twelve and Holding, a
coming-of-age drama set in suburban Middle America, the
excellent casting and acting, the strong script and subtle
plotting build into a carefully crafted roller coaster ride.
Garfield returns in an animated sequel, where he should win
the hearts of kids and may impress the odd parent.  Eye
suggests that you keep your ears open for guest voices.

IEEE Spectrum says that those responsible for ensuring the
public's safety at the World Cup championships in Germany
will have a few high-tech tricks up their sleeves.