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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2006-06-14

In this issue:  Grilled chicken's secrets, chocolate for
your skin, and a view of Saturn.

In an unlikely lawsuit, the privately owned cancer research
firm Shimoda-Atlantic is suing the NASD for securities
fraud, according to Registered Rep.

---Car Rental---
Smart Money tells you 10 things you car rental company

Fast Company lets you in on some secrets about the grilled
chicken sandwiches you find in restaurants, like where those
char-marks come from.

Make your website more useful:

The American Journal of Nursing examines popular diet plans
for weight loss and provides information about their
Science News says a small study in women suggests that a
cocoa drink rich in flavonoids made their skin look better
and protected it from ultraviolet-light damage.
Making a commitment to tweaking your lifestyle and your diet
can sharpen your mind for years to come.   AskMen provides
some suggestions.

Cars, an animated comedy from Disney, is richly silly, but
also solid -- with something for the kids and the adults. 
As a tribute to the idea of Route 66, Culture Vulture thinks
it could even end up a pop cult classic.
A Prairie Home Companion, the Robert Altman film based on
the Garrison Keillor radio show of the same name, is worth a
look, but the film is, at best, "Altman lite," according to
Culture Vulture.

The mosaic in Popular Mechanics of 126 images from Cassini
is the most detailed, natural-color view of Saturn ever
made.  NASA's imaging specialist explains the stunning view
from the Cassini spacecraft.