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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2006-05-31

In this issue:  Cardio myths, controlled shopping, and
things that disappear.

U.S. NHTSA provides rollover ratings for 2006 model-year

There are enough cardio theories out there to make your head
spin.  AskMen provides the truth behind some common myths
surrounding this controversial topic.

French researchers have found that dietary beta-carotene
could help slow the natural decline in lung function with
age, according to Tufts Health Letter.
The British health authority proposes limiting availability
of Alzheimer's treatments because of cost.  The Motley Fool
asks what this will mean to drug-makers and their

Health says kicking your shop-till-you-drop habit is easier
with extreme advice from experts who treat serious addicts.

Make your website more useful:

If the most prevalent complaint about the first two X-Men
films was that there just weren't enough action scenes to go
around, there are no such problems here: Eye says X3 is the
most robust X-film yet.

Cloaks that make objects invisible will be made within 18
months, according to Chemistry World.  Changes to
sub-wavelength structural details, rather than the chemical
composition of these materials, will make objects disappear
before our eyes.

Roadside bombs.  Hostile insurgents.  1,200 extras in Arab
dress.  Wired goes to Louisiana to visit the Army camp known
as the Box, where the violence is fake but the fear is for