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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2006-05-17

In this issue:  Living longer, watching movies from home,
and health tips for the traveler.

BusinessWeek tells how Toyota, which typically does so much
so well, bungled the handling of employee misconduct.  It is
a tale that reflects the struggles that foreign executives
sometimes have with U.S. sexual harassment laws -- and that
all companies have when the alleged harasser sits in the
corner office.
Except for his remaining 33 million Time Warner shares, Ted
Turner's resignation will sever his ties to the media
industry, ending a prolific career that began in 1961 when
the Brown University dropout joined his father's billboard
business, according to BusinessWeek.

There's evidence life spans in America may actually shrink
if we keep our couch-potato ways.  But some surprisingly
simple steps (more sleep, anyone?) may put us on the right
path.  Smart Money provides a guide to extending your golden

A Frost & Sullivan analyst says we have until 2010 before
there are no more IP addresses to be had unless we switch to
IPv6, according to InternetNews.

Smart Money tells you 10 things you may not know about the

Turn your website into a research center:

Motley Fool lists 10 documents you shouldn't live without.

Wolfgang Petersen is back on the high seas with the remake
Poseidon, starring Josh Lucas and Kurt Russell, a blandly
suspenseful action adventure that finds the director more
transfixed by the ship than by its passengers or the giant
rogue wave that capsizes it, according to Eye.
AskMen tells you 5 things you probably didn't know about the
movie Snakes on a Plane.
Smart Money surveys the options for people that want to
watch movies at home.

CIO says tracking technology is getting cheaper and easier
to implement every day.  As a result, separating truth from
science fiction is getting more difficult.  See if you can
tell which of these stories are the real deal and which are
Together, Wide-Area Bonjour networking and Dynamic DNS
permit the registration and discovery of dynamic services
through a static URI, according to Bio-IT World.

American Family Physician gives tips for staying healthy
when you travel abroad.
American Family Physician tells you everything you need to
know about jet lag.
American Family Physician provides health tips for air