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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2006-04-19

In this issue:  Corporate psychos, local news secrets, and

BusinessWeek reviews the book Workforce Crisis: How to Beat
the Coming Shortage of Skills and Talent, which offers a
compelling look at demographic trends that could affect
every corner of U.S. Business.
 buy the book:
The increasingly familiar sight of fallen business
high-flyers, flanked by lawyers, confronting jostling
photographers means corporate criminals are rivalling
terrorist kingpins as the pantomime baddies of our times,
according to MIS UK.
Fast Company says Motorola's new Pebl cell phone marks the
triumph of design at the venerable company.  But is it
magical enough to become the next touchstone of telecom, or
will people just skip it?
Thanks to the Web, cell phones and applications like
Bluetooth and text messaging, one of the oldest ad media is
suddenly one of the most fashionable, according to TIME

Disney will soon be offering recent episodes of its top hit
TV shows on the Web - for free, according to Connected Home.
Smart Money tells you 10 things that your local news won't.

In Scary Movie 4 it's almost as though the filmmakers were
trying to frustrate and annoy horror fans, and it's a hardy
soul who will be willing to sit out the entire 123 minutes,
according to Culture Vulture.

Science News says that scientists working in Ethiopia's
Middle Awash valley have uncovered fossils of a
4.1-million-year-old human ancestor that bolster the
controversial proposition that early members of our
evolutionary family evolved one at a time on a single
lineage rather than branching out into numerous species.