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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2006-04-05

In this issue:  Layoffs, the economy, and sinful stocks.

The Disposable American:  Layoffs and Their Consequences,
written by Louis Uchitelle, presents an airtight case
against the common wisdom that favors job cuts, according to
 Buy the book:
With other retirement vehicles in dire shape, 401(k)
sponsors are rethinking their defined-contribution
offerings, according to CFO.
As big a concern as E-waste is, it is still only a small
bite in the larger risk grid confronting business managers
these days.  CFO presents eight risks managers need to focus
Wal-Mart has put a lot of effort into revamping its image in
the face of some consumers' criticism.  The Motley Fool
thinks the company may now be confronting an issue that
won't be quite so easy to handle, as it faces protests for
selling "Brokeback Mountain" DVDs.

Although still worried about the cost of fuel and health
care, finance executives are encouraged, if not ecstatic,
about the future of the economy, according to CFO.

CIO says BPL is a simple approach to getting more American
households wired for the coming broadband world of Web 2.0.

Turn your website into a research center:

Registered Rep. reports on a study finding that actively
managed mutual funds have actually performed worse than
generally thought.
Eliminating vice stocks from portfolios may mean lower
returns, according to Financial Advisor.

In Lonesome Jim, a comedy by Steve Buscemi, the light,
understated gallows humor often demonstrates the lack of any
clear line separating the comic and the tragic, according to
Culture Vulture.

Geotimes describes a new fossil find from China that gives
paleontologists a better idea of when and how the branch of
meat-eating dinosaurs that would eventually lead to T. rex

---U.S. Politics---
IEEE Spectrum interviews security expert James Bamford, who
discusses why Bush chose to dodge court review procedures in
ordering post 9/11 wiretapping.

Home Toys tells you how to maintain and restore your DVDs
and CDs.
IEEE Spectrum says a programmer busted some of the biggest
swindlers of all time.  Now he's helping the Feds nail