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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2006-03-22

In this issue:  Your dentist's secrets, house values, and
audit myths.

Advanced Manufacturing lists technology trends that are
worth watching.

Smart Money tells you 10 things your dentist won't.
BusinessWeek says that well-heeled worriers are signing up
for far more detailed and costly options to the annual

Can an English-language news network with radioactive DNA
actually be good for Brand America?  U.S. business better
hope so.  Al Jazeera International has grander ambitions
than to be simply the enfant terrible of the Middle East,
according to Fast Company.

V for Vendetta, a sci-fi thriller based on the graphic
novel, could have been a fascinating parable about tyranny,
terrorism and the sheer charisma of violence, but becomes
just another series of bloody fight scenes, according to
Culture Vulture.
You may think you know it all after reading the The Da Vinci
Code, but AskMen says there are five things you probably
don't know about the movie.
Culture Vulture says that Cafe Lumiere, a film by
Hsiao-hsien Hou, demonstrates how even in a megalopolis life
is lived on a human scale, one day, one person at a time.

---Real Estate---
Talking about the 'real estate bubble' is popular these
days.  Search Engine Watch reports that you can now find
your own estimates for how over-or-under valued your
neighborhood is thanks to a new, free web service called

Time Europe conducts an interview with the former Archbishop
of San Francisco and the first new Cardinal to be elevated
by Pope Benedict XVI -- possibly the most influential U.S.
prelate in history.

The most detailed portrait ever taken of the radiation left
over from the Big Bang provides fresh evidence that the
universe began with a tremendous growth spurt, expanding
from subatomic scales to the size of a grapefruit in less
than a trillionth of a second, according to Science News.

The Motley Fool discusses the top five myths about IRS

Entrepreneur reports that one company is offering VoIP
long-distance rates with no router required.