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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2006-03-15

In this issue:  Bad smells, anti-aging, and Google's storage

There are plenty of smells emanating from your car that may
be evidence of something wrong.  Popular Mechanics lists a
few of them.

It doesn't matter how you feel -- the H-Scan will tell you
how old you really are, according to BusinessWeek.
The anti-aging industry is offering a dizzying array of
hormones and supplements.  Business is booming.  But some
remedies are risky, and the benefits are unproven, according
to BusinessWeek.

With GDrive, Google's management offers a detailed strategy
wherein everything digital will live online, under Google's
big tent.  If this is for real, and it catches fire, The
Motley Fool says Google will know more about you than your
Mom does.

Turn your website into a research center:

Anyone with a reasonable income and a little discipline can
hit the seven-figure mark somewhere along the road to
retirement.  Smart Money provides a detailed plan on how you
can, too.

Culture Vulture says the remake of the Disney film comedy
"The Shaggy Dog" never really rises above third-rate TV
sitcom fare.

Congressional concerns kill the deal of a capable port
operator from Dubai, highlighting the fact that politicians
are holding a double standard when it comes to Arab
companies, according to The Motley Fool.

By recreating an extinct virus that killed as many as 50
million people, scientists race to defeat avian flu before
it evolves into a deadlier form, according to Popular
Gene therapy is on its way, and Fast Company says it's
coming fast.