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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2006-03-08

In this issue:  Fighting AOL's email fee, government
intervening in the stock market, and homeland security

---Identity Theft---
How one man's story could easily be yours, too.  A real-life
drama reveals the shocking truth about identity fraud and
the relationship between victims and perpetrators in The
Motley Fool.

AFP eWire says several nonprofits have joined together to
launch a campaign against America Online's plans to charge
fees for organizations using a new certified email system.
PC Magazine reports on the Bush administration's inquiry to
the major search engines for information on the most popular
Web searches as part of an effort to reinstate the Child
Online Protection Act (COPA).

Turn your website into a research center:

Is the Federal government manipulating the equity markets? 
Registered Rep. says there have been whispers on Wall Street
of secret government-backed actions -- like stepping in to
buy equity index futures to prevent investors from
catastrophic plunges.
Are large-cap returns really due to pull ahead? 
BusinessWeek says you shouldn't bet on it

Reason reports on the sorry state -- and stunning waste --
of homeland security spending.
Popular Mechanics reviews a transcript that suggests,
contrary to popular perception, that federal authorities
were alert to the risks posed by Katrina and fully engaged
in planning for the disaster.
The Bush administration would put a despotic Islamic regime,
whose potentates and bankers boast significant ties to
al-Qaeda terrorists, in charge of American shipping.  If
that seems impossible, a new deal shows that clearly it
isn't, according to The New American.

In December, a normally peaceful creek in Oklahoma became a
raging torrent of mud, gas and water, when gas escaped from
a blowout at a nearby natural gas reservoir that Chesapeake
Energy had just found.  Geotimes says the estimated blow to
the company is likely in the millions of dollars.