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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2006-03-01

In this issue:  Sore muscles, digital animation, and
high-tech crime fighting.

Don't let aches and pains keep you from the activities you
love.  Health provides simple secrets to help you prevent
sore muscles this spring.
Soon, stressed folks all over could be breathing easier with
the sleek, solid, handheld biofeedback device called the
StressEraser, according to IEEE Spectrum.
Tired of annoying aches and pains (or baggage around your
middle)?  Health provides help.

InternetNews reports on a security problem with Apple's
Safari browser.
The means the Department of Justice lawyers want to use to
stop kids from accessing adult Web content are
unconstitutional, and the tactics they want to employ will
put a damper on the free access to information, according to

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Digital animation is not just for cartoons anymore.  Wired
shows how it has been used to make great movies such as King
Kong, Sin City, Munich, V for Vendetta, and Jarhead.

InternetNews says a small company will soon unveil a tiny
device that clips onto any phone line and uses VoIP, but
doesn't require broadband access -- or any kind of computer
at all.

The City of Angels is stolen-car hell.  But the mean streets
just got a lot meaner for bad guys.  Wired is on patrol with
the LAPD's high-speed plate-reading network.