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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2006-02-22

In this issue:  Demographics' impact on the future, fish for
health, and lessons from Katrina.

CFO says employers are giving workers a new reason to get in
shape: cash.  Does this trend create a legal slippery slope
of employers targeting anyone who might develop health
TIME Europe tells how the iconic British company EMI and the
music industry learned to stop worrying and love the digital

Global identity thieves may know their way around your
computer better than you do.  Popular Mechanics tells you
how to protect yourself in the scary new world of zombies,
RATs, Trojan horses and evil twins.
PC Magazine says that the flow of subcutaneous deoxidized
hemoglobin in the veins of your hands can be used to
identify you.
Search Engine Watch questions the privacy concerns raised
over Google's new Desktop Search program.

Fast Company says the United States of 2016 will find itself
in the throes of demographic shifts that will upend our
political, economic, and technological priorities and
redefine our markets.

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The benefits of a diet rich in fish outweigh risks of
mercury poisoning, say researchers who studied the children
of mothers exposed to methyl mercury during pregnancy,
according to Chemistry World.
Among elderly people, a spouse's hospitalization for certain
ailments substantially raises his or her partner's
likelihood of dying, according to a study reviewed by
Science News.
Doctors may decide that weight loss is best accomplished
with the new drug Acomplia, according to BusinessWeek.
Science News says that hospitals are struggling with a
serious new gut microbe.

Freedomland wants to be a suspense thriller and a commentary
on race relations.  Culture Vulture says it fails in the
first and is only only tangentially successful in the
C.S.A.: The Confederate States of America is a satirical
'mockumentary' film that looks at the history of an America
where the South won the Civil War.  Culture Vulture says
it's an exquisitely terrifying film in a funny, deadpan way.

A handful of genes that control the body's defenses during
hard times can also dramatically improve health and prolong
life in diverse organisms.  Scientific American says that
understanding how they work may reveal the keys to extending
human life span while banishing diseases of old age

Popular Mechanics reviews some lessons from Katrina.