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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2006-02-08

In this issue:  Wall Street analysts, Turking, and tips for
buying/selling a home.

In an overheated market, BusinessWeek says works by African
American painters are a bargain -- for now.

BusinessWeek reviews Confessions of a Wall Street Analyst, a
colorful portrayal of egos, misdeeds, and Wall Street
excess, that is loaded with often appalling tales of the
1990s telco bacchanal.
 Buy the book:
Amazon Connect is a new feature on that lets
authors communicate with their readers with regular postings
on whatever topic interests them, according to InternetNews.

As financial planning becomes more comprehensive and demands
from clients grow, more financial advisors are creating
virtual office practices by outsourcing tasks they used to
do themselves, according to Financial Advisor.
Lakshmi Mittal's brash bid for Europe's largest steelmaker
has roiled markets and infuriated governments.  Time Europe
explains how he makes his own rules.

PC World says that popular applications have more security
flaws than Windows does.

BusinessWeek says the economy is a lot stronger than you

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Legal options in digital entertainment are growing.  But PC
World says they come with restrictions that can hobble your
ability to enjoy the content you've paid for and even
threaten your control over your system.

Time Europe says the movie high jinks of a Turkish Rambo who
single-handedly takes on U.S. forces in lawless northern
Iraq are filling cinemas across Turkey, America's only
predominantly Muslim NATO ally.  Valley of the Wolves Iraq
is set to break Turkish box-office records.

Turking, earning money from home with your computer,
potentially creates a vast, unregulated workforce, well
under the minimum-wage radar, with no hope of benefits or
job security, according to PC Magazine.
The Motley Fool reports that AOL and Yahoo!, both major
providers of email services, are gearing up to try a new
tactic -- giving companies the option of paying a small fee
to, in effect, "certify" their email deliveries.

The World's Fastest Indian, a film about New Zealand's
legendary motorcyclist Burt Munro, matches his vision,
passion, and tenacity.  And Culture Vulture thinks it may
prove to be the sleeper of the year.
A Good Woman, a screen adaptation of the Oscar Wilde play
"Lady Windermere's Fan," lacks an incisive satirical tone,
and Culture Vulture says its shift of both period and
location nearly pushes it to the level of soap opera.

---Real Estate---
Regardless of what stage you may be at in buying or selling
a property, WorldWIT provides some tips that give you a head
start and smooth the process along the way.

WorldWIT tells you ten things that your tax professional
probably hasn't.