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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2006-02-01

In this issue:  Monk brains, cooking with oil, and the Super

Wired reports that a neuroscientist published studies on the
brain activity of Tibetan Buddhist monks during meditation,
shedding light on the ability to change brain function
through training.

AskMen details all you need to know about cooking oils,
butter, margarine and cooking sprays, as well as the best
ways to use them.

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Eye reviews Big Momma's House 2.  Like most comedy sequels,
the best thing about this lackadaisical follow up is that
you don't need to have seen its precursor to figure out the

---Super Bowl---
AskMen points out who the big Super Bowl advertisers are,
how much they're spending in 2006, and what types of
advertising they purchased -- at $80,000 per second!
Connected Home surveys some of the technologies that will be
used to improve this year's Super Bowl for TV viewers.