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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2006-01-18

In this issue:  Counterfeit computer equipment, job outlook,
and Stardust.

Two appraisers put a price tag on three different companies
for Inc.  You'll be surprised at just how different their
numbers turned out, and how subjective a business valuation
can be.
Will your company continue to thrive if retiring baby
boomers take their knowledge with them?  CIO explains how to
identify who has key knowledge and how to keep it within the
company walls.
Can the intricacies of sports negotiation offer any lessons
for executives?  In CFO, some top agents share their
negotiating secrets.

---Computers & Electronics---
PC World warns that counterfeit hardware is making its way
to online merchants and to stores near you.  And poor
performance isn't the only risk:  Bogus parts can be
hazardous to your health.
PC World names the best new (and old!) ideas in technology.

Food Processing says health is exerting its influence on
flavor trends:  How about spices that fight cancer,
chocolate for heart-health and sweet-hot combos that improve

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BusinessWeek says it will be a good year for jobs because
companies can no longer meet demand with existing forces.

Smart Money tells you 10 things your car insurer won't.

Eye says that Last Holiday has clearly been engineered as a
star vehicle for Latifah, but even her outsize persona can't
overshadow the unlikely pair enlisted to play her boy toys:
LL Cool J and Gerard Depardieu.

CFO asks if Congress undermined a key pillar of American
capitalism by tinkering with Chapter 11.

Geotimes reports that seven years after its launch, NASA's
Stardust spacecraft concluded its 4.6-billion-kilometer
roundtrip journey to fly through the tail of a comet and
collect dust samples, which astronomers hope will offer
insight about the formation of our solar system.