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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2006-01-11

In this issue:  Trans fat, credit card secrets, and Mozart.

According to new FDA guidelines, all packaged foods with a
half-gram or more of trans fat per serving must now include
this number on its label.  Tufts Health Letter warns that
simply avoiding trans fat doesn't make for a healthful
Science News says nighttime light exposure feeds breast
cancer by depleting melatonin secretions in the blood.

Weight-loss camps were effective for treating childhood
obesity in a study, although American Family Physician says
the reason is unclear. 
American Family Physician says that depression in fathers
during the postnatal period is associated with behavioral
problems, especially in sons at 3.5 years of age.

Smart Money points out 10 things your credit card company
won't tell you.
BusinessWeek says The Number is a wry and informative
meditation on planning for retirement.  But it is not your
typical personal finance book.

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Eye says the makers of the new film Grandma's Boy probably
wouldn't recognize the fine line between stupid and clever
if they were standing on it and it was on fire.

Reason reports on the debate between scientists, ethicists,
American public policy makers and reporters on the promise,
perils, and ethics of human biotechnology.
On the frontiers of biotech, two scientists are mingling the
genetic materials of man and beast in new ways, according to
BusinessWeek.  The hoped-for outcome: Radical treatments for
some of mankind's most intractable ailments.

The legendary composer is not just for listening to anymore
-- over the past decade, Mozart has increasingly been placed
in a role that is perhaps the most controversial of all: as
healer of mind and body, according to Time Europe.