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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2005-12-14

In this issue:  Real estate bubble, volunteers to the
rescue, and news from Mars.

Inc. says that selling your company to your employees can be
good for everyone involved.

InternetNews says that Motorola and Burton Snowboards have
teamed up on high-end outerwear with Bluetooth connectivity.

Eye says The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch And
the Wardrobe fails to capture the excitement of the C.S.
Lewis book.
Brokeback Mountain, a film about a love affair between two
cowboys, is a faithful, if somewhat overblown adaptation of
the story on which is based, according to Culture Vulture.

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---Real Estate---
BusinessWeek asks if the chill in the once-red-hot Loudon
County, Virginia real estate market a portent of what's

Popular Mechanics describes the efforts of hundreds of
volunteers that rushed to New Orleans, bringing their own
skiffs, airboats and helicopters.  Working with local law
enforcement and military units, these ordinary civilians
launched one of the largest ad hoc rescue efforts in U.S.

Geotimes says the two Mars rover missions have come together
in the past few weeks to produce a more complete view of
Mars' water history that has implications for life on the
planet, though pieces of that picture are still contentious.
A new discovery of a method to visualize an elusive
population of stem cells that has the potential to
regenerate nerves and other brain cells may explain how
certain regions of the brain rejuvenate themselves,
according to HHMI Bulletin.

DailyCandy says the legendary bon vivant Ludwig Bemelmans,
whose travelogues and personal essays have long been out of
print, can now be savored in When You Lunch with the