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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2005-11-30

In this issue:  A warning to businesses, food to relieve
stress, and growing blood vessels.

Inc. warns that Megan's Law can impact your business because
companies can be held liable for failing to utilize the
information that it makes available.
New technology lets cable offer goodies DirecTV can't - and
customers are noticing, according to BusinessWeek.

AskMen lists 10 foods that can relieve stress.

InternetNews reports that e-mail security firm MailFrontier
finds that only 4 percent of users can spot a phished e-mail
100 percent of the time.
A new search engine, powered by Yahoo, donates money to your
charity of choice every time you search -- at no cost to
you, according to DailyCandy.

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Syriana, a film about Mid-East oil politics, is a
well-intentioned political drama with subject matter that
suggests "ripped from today's headlines."  But Culture
Vulture says it is misleadingly advertised as a thriller.
Culture Vulture says the film adaptation of the Broadway
rock musical Rent contains nearly nonstop, opera-like
deployment of unmemorable, unmelodic, lip-synched songs and
exacerbates the undeniable fact that the play is a fictional

Starting with bits of skin, scientists have produced new
blood vessels in a laboratory and successfully implanted
them into two patients, a medical first, according to
Science News.
Time Asia says that South Korea's stem-cell pioneer resigned
over ethical questions.

If you think the changes in TV in the past five years are
radical, Fast Company says you haven't seen anything yet.