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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2005-11-23

We hope that our readers in the U.S. are having a good

In this issue: Hormone controversy, immigration laws, and
chartering a yacht.

Entrepreneur provides a look at the hottest trends and best
business ideas for 2006.

Entrepreneur describes U3, a Windows software
layer/environment that turns tiny-but-spacious USB flash
sticks into "smart" drives.
The Motley Fool says that AOL has added uninvited
robo-guests to every Instant Messenger user's Buddy List.

AskMen points out four men's health issues that are commonly
Human growth hormone is often hyped as a cure for aging. 
But BusinessWeek says there's no proof that it works.  And
it can be harmful.
A wave of drugs for short kids is sparking social
controversy -- and an expanding market.  BusinessWeek says
growth hormones are likely to remain in the spotlight for
another reason: They could become the first-ever biotech
drugs to become available in generic form.

Time Europe's interview with Africa's first elected female
head of state talks about leadership, healing the country,
and childhood dreams.
Time Asia says that Liu Qibing of Beijing's State Reserve
Bureau racked up big losses on copper deals -- and
disappeared.  The question now is whether Beijing will step
up and cover Liu's losses.

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Culture Vulture reviews Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.
Walk the Line, a film biography of country-western singer
Johnny Cash, will stretch the line of endurance for all but
devoted CW fans, according to Culture Vulture. 
Ushpizin, a comedy/drama about Hasidic Jews in Israel, is
carefully balanced on a fine line that encompasses both
gentle humor and spiritual wisdom and draws the audience
into its exotic world to share its universality, according
to Culture Vulture.

With President Bush and business interests supporting a
major guest-worker program and immigrant advocates backing
legalization for the currently undocumented, The American
Prospect asks if this country is finally ready to require
employers, not just immigrants, to abide by immigration
While rising gas prices prompted conservation, Scientific
American says more permanent legislative measurements need
to be made. 
The stem cell frontier provokes some of the most contentious
questions in society.  And despite federal opposition to
embryonic stem cell research, the promise of medical
benefits, academic freedom and profits in California is
luring scientists to the field, according to Smithsonian.

---Real Estate---
Even the housing market's greatest cheerleaders are starting
to curb their enthusiasm, according to The Motley Fool.  The
housing bubble is loosing air.

AskMen tells you five things you probably didn't know about
the Michelin Guide to restaurants.

Home Theater says that Sony BMG's boneheaded misuse of
hacker technology has potentially compromised the security
of millions of PCs, inspired a bunch of computer viruses,
provoked class-action lawsuits, caused a firestorm of
protest in online forums, and even attracted veiled
criticism from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

AskMen suggests chartering a yacht for your next vacation,
and gives some tips.