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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2005-11-09

In this issue:  CDs that are hazardous to your PC, and lead
in chocolates.

Sony CDs have been uncovered as having secret files that
restrict the number of copies you can make.  In addition, PC
Plus says that attempting to remove these files may leave
your CD drive inoperable.

Chocolates are among the more lead-contaminated foods. 
Science News reports on a new study that probed the source
of chocolate's lead and concludes it's not the cocoa bean. 
So, what is it?

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AskMen says that Scream 3 has a clever premise and some
subtle humor.  If you like the genre or the first two movies
in the series, then it's likely that you'll enjoy this one
even though there is a lot of room for improvement.
Based on a best-selling memoir by a Marine who fought in the
1991 Gulf War, Jarhead is a stylistically stunning film
performed with conviction, yet nonetheless Culture Vulture
says it leaves the viewer emotionally unconnected.
The 1954 BBC Radio production of the Dylan Thomas play
"Under Milk Wood" was a hit partly because of Richard
Burton's flawless characterizations and rich voice.  Culture
Vulture says the film version, released on DVD by the
Sundance Channel, is also an inspired effort.
Ballets Russes, the new documentary film about two Russian
dance companies that carried the ballet tradition around the
world, is a moderately engaging historical document,
according to Culture Vulture.