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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2005-10-26

In this issue:  Facts about fat, stem cell news, and Big
Brother in your cell phone.

InternetNews says that version 2.0 of, a free
alternative to Microsoft Office, is now available.

Popular Mechanics describes one family's valiant quest to
kick the oil habit by experimenting with alternative energy
systems over the next six months -- and how you can (try to)
do it, too.

---Health--- tells you some things that you might not know
about fat.
Sudden cardiac arrest kills more than 300,000 Americans each
year.  Popular Mechanics says the makers of the OnSite
defibrillator, designed to be used by any bystander in a
public place, hope to put a dent in that number.
The U.N. raises the threat level as H5N1 spreads to Britain,
Romania, Russia and Turkey, warns Time Europe.  Thus far,
all known human infections have been in Asia.

InternetNews reports on a study saying the Web's ability to
influence offline sales is growing.

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Investors are keen to offer "life settlements," where they
buy your life insurance policy for cash.  BusinessWeek warns
sellers to beware.  Before you grab the money from an eager
buyer, get some good advice from a financial planner, an
estate attorney, or even your doctor.

Although not for everyone, Culture Vulture says that Stay,
the new thriller directed by Marc Foster, is a richly
detailed, fascinating and insightful puzzle that should
prompt many to go back for a second look.
Culture Vulture says The Curse of the Were-Rabbit, the new
animated film by Nick Park, will have Wallace and Gromit
fans wanting more.
Shane Black, the dark prince of '80s Hollywood action --
Lethal Weapon, The Last Boy Scout, The Long Kiss Goodnight
-- roars back with Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, a detective comedy
that he not only wrote but directed, according to Eye.

Scientific American says that new research indicates that
microorganisms could have survived a journey from Mars to
Science News reports that two independent groups of
scientists have devised ways to isolate embryonic stem cells
from mice without destroying viable embryos.
Geotimes reports that the battle over the teaching of
evolution in public schools in the United States reached a
fervor this week, as a number of prominent scientists
testified in an ongoing court trial that pits evolution
against intelligent design.
Although broiling does reduce dioxin in fish, a new
technique -- treating the food given to farmed fish -- might
prove even more effective at limiting the pollutant that
reaches people's dinner plates, according to Science News.

New services from cellular carriers can track you -- or your
loved ones -- by cell phone, according to BusinessWeek.
Get ready for your chance to really get away from it all: 
Time Europe says that Space Adventures is now offering
suborbital flights in 2008 for those who have racked up 20
million points with American Express, or 10 million air
miles with U.S. Airways.