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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2005-10-19

In this issue:  Getting fat, bird flu, and water as the next

They EPA's 2006 fuel economy guide was just released and The
Motley Fool surveys the most efficient cars.

So you've kept a fairly trim physique into middle age. 
Don't get smug.  Science News reports on a new study
suggesting that you too may develop a paunch or worse in
coming years.
Time Europe reports that Turkey and Romania are in crisis
mode because Asian bird flu H5N1 was found in Europe for the
first time.

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InternetNews reports that Yahoo and Microsoft are linking up
their instant messaging networks to allow MSN and Yahoo
Messenger users to communicate across the two platforms.

PC Magazine says that a global effort is underway to put a
$100 notebook in the hands of every child by next year.
HBS Working Knowledge says that many competing forces lead
some experts to believe that water will replace petroleum as
the twenty-first century's core commodity, with nations rich
in water enjoying enormous social and economic advantages
over those that are not.