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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2005-10-12

In this issue:  Corporations and social responsibility, the
Internet crime scene, and your butcher's secrets.

Does it make legal, ethical, or economic sense for companies
to participate in environmental corporate social
responsibility programs?  HBS Working Knowledge looks at a
new book that attempts to separate fact from fiction on the

Edison Schools CEO Chris Whittle talks to BusinessWeek about
the crisis American elementary schools face in meeting the
goals of No Child Left Behind.

With the outlook for oil uncertain, it's time for new
ideas.  Popular Mechanics presents five emerging
technologies -- from buoys that harness the power of waves
to bacteria that extract electricity from wastewater.

AskMen provides five tips for good vision health.

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PC World presents one observer's take on why the Internet is
the biggest crime scene in history and expert opinions on
cleaning up Internet crime, including the need for an effort
by the U.S. government.
The U.S. Commerce Committee says that Internet governance is
too important to turn over to United Nations, according to

The Motley Fool reviewed three affidavits undergirding
Overstock's lawsuit against a short seller and believes that
they raise important questions for investors about the
integrity of our financial system.

Serenity is a rather long, yet visually captivating and
darkly mirthful Heinlein-esque episodic trail of picaresque
delights.  Although it is written more for the diehard fans
of the TV series Firefly, Culture Vulture says others should
find it equally accessible.
Eye says Where the Truth Lies, starring Kevin Bacon and
Colin Firth, is a mystery wrapped in an NC-17 rating.
The Squid and the Whale is a drama placed in 1986 Brooklyn
about a family splintered by divorce.  It's wickedly funny,
with a recognizable warmth and a sense of familiarity,
according to Culture Vulture.
In his new film Paradise Now, Arab-Israeli director Hany
Abu-Assad portrays Palestinian suicide bombers as regular
guys, according to Time Europe.

Robotic exoskeletons are strutting out of the lab -- and
they are carrying their creators with them.  IEEE Spectrum
says new advances make it possible to envision a future in
which exoskeletons are part of our daily lives.
IEEE Spectrum says that nanotech researchers have devised a
method for attaching electrodes to small clusters of brain
cells -- or even individual neurons -- using the
cardiovascular system as the conduit through which wires are

Smart Money points out 10 things that your butcher won't
tell you.