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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2005-09-28

In this issue:  Customer-service failures, balancing jobs
and leisure, and warped spaces.

Which companies consistently rubbed customers the wrong
way?  Fast Company says the top three customer-service
losers will shock absolutely no one.
InternetNews describes Microsoft's reorganization of its
business structure.
Time Europe declares that mobile TV has arrived, but says a
turf war between network operators and broadcasters is
looming in England.

If pharmacists can legitimately refuse to dispense the
morning-after pill, Scientific American says it is
appropriate to consider seriously the American Medical
Association's proposal that physicians be allowed to do so

BusinessWeek looks at how the 21st-century household is
using new technology to balance jobs and leisure.

Culture Vulture says A History of Violence, a new film by
David Cronenberg, is a dark and disturbing, yet riveting and
insightful narrative, which builds in momentum from start to
Flightplan, which takes place on a 474 jet plane, is one of
the lamest psychological thrillers to come along in a while,
according to Culture Vulture.

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Scientific American says Lisa Randall's thinking on higher
dimensions, warped space and membranes catalyzed ideas in
cosmology and physics.  It might even unify all four forces
of nature.

DailyCandy says that will not only feed your lust
for useless items, it will actually deepen it by showing you
things you never even imagined could exist.