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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2005-09-14

In this issue:  Preparing for disaster, email brain drain,
and crummy theaters.

The founder of red-hot American Apparel has the simplest
possible business strategy:  He does and says exactly what
he wants to.  And Inc. says that with a few exceptions, his
stores are tracking 10 times the rent.

BusinessWeek looks at what needs to be done to prepare
America for the next big disaster.
Little could be done to contain a deadly avian flu
outbreak.  Right now, the U.S. has no national pandemic
preparedness plan, either for treating large numbers of
patients or for dealing with the resulting economic and
social disruptions, according to BusinessWeek.
New Orleans isn't the only city vulnerable to catastrophic
flooding.  Popular Mechanics lists four of the most
susceptible cities and how they plan to handle the next
BusinessWeek says that New York City should fund a public
education campaign, giving residents a crash course in the
risks of a dirty bomb attack and what they should do to
avoid contamination.

MIS UK reports on a study showing that email reduces our
mental ability and our productivity.

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Fast Company suggests that the box office slump may be due
to crying babies, bad screens and rude chatter at the
theater rather than the movies themselves.
Culture Vulture says An Unfinished Life is a
saccharine-coated treatment of people struggling to learn
how to forgive themselves and others takes.
Eye is not impressed by The Man starring Eugene Levy and
Samuel L. Jackson.

InternetNews says that electronics manufacturers are
scrambling to get Congress to preempt state laws targeting
e-waste recycling.

Expectations of pain may have an effect on the actual
sensation of pain, according to Science News.