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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2005-09-07

In this issue:  Computer satisfaction, fighting HIV, and
trimming your bills.

PC Magazine's reader satisfaction survey rates more than
45,000 PCs and printers.

The CDC says we may have as many as 97 million doses of flu
vaccine this year, but that's a best-case scenario.  This
year again, it's Chiron causing the uncertainty, according
to The Motley Fool.
HIV increasingly outwits today's drugs even as side effects
take a toll.  But BusinessWeek says that Panacos
Pharmaceuticals' experimental drug opens the door to a new
line of attack.

InternetNews says that Yahoo is being criticized for
supporting spyware companies by having them distribute its
pay-per-click ads.

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Smart Money gives tips for cutting your cable, cell,
Internet, and phone bills.

Eye says that A Sound of Thunder is terrible.

Four years after 9/11, the United States has a biometrics
screening system for foreign visitors called US-Visit.  The
program came in on time and within budget, but CIO says
proper programming procedures were not followed due to the
tight deadline.

PC Magazine says that a professor has created a life-like
android designed to look and move like an average Japanese

Neurobiology highlights brain similarities between obesity
and drug addiction.  Science News says some researchers are
using the findings to craft treatments aimed at both
Geotimes looks at the escalating political conflict over
teaching about human origins in school.