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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2005-08-31

In this issue:  Curing headaches, video blogs, and info
leaking from phone companies.

Health reports on new remedies for headaches.
Future medicines will more effectively target what ails you
by tailoring treatment to your specific genetic profile. 
BusinessWeek says personalized medicine will also help
prevent another Vioxx.
Time Asia says results of a recent study that showed a
medicine derived from sweet wormwood can reduce the chances
of death from severe malaria by 35%.  The findings are
likely to alter the World Health Organization's
recommendations for treatment of the disease.
High concentrations of a chemical used in the production of
well-known nonstick surfaces have turned up in people living
near a Teflon-manufacturing plant in West Virginia,
according to Science News.

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TV content and digital intelligence are increasingly
merging.  Wired says that Yahoo! will be at the center of
that million-channel, search-able universe.
Wired reports on media companies like ESPN going after
digital formats like the Web, WiMax, cell phones, and more.
News spoof Rocketboom is a model for video blogs -- and may
transform the way TV is viewed.  Established outlets, such
as ABC and CBS are tracking video blogging and taking some
tentative steps, according to BusinessWeek.

Culture Vulture says The Brothers Grimm, starring Heath
Ledger and Matt Damon, is a fast-paced, highly inventive
visual feast.

InternetNews says telephone carriers are not adequately
protecting the personal information of subscribers,
increasing consumer vulnerability to identity theft, fraud
and online stalkers.