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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2005-08-17

In this issue: Microsoft scoops iPod patent, healthy
chocolate, and survival.

The Motley Fool looks at the implications of Microsoft
potentially beating Apple to a patent on the iPod's software
Lots of people will tell you now is the best time to raise
prices.  Inc. says you shouldn't follow them!
CIO reports that a law changing the basis for awarding
patents from the party that can prove they invented
something first to the party that applied for the patent
first has wide, bipartisan support.  Companies would have to
act quickly to protect inventions.
According to a a new report reviewed by InternetNews, U.S.
and European IT and outsourcing companies will likely lose
their market leadership position to firms in India.

Search Engine Watch says Yahoo's recent purchase of Pixoria,
developer of the quirky but cool JavaScript-based
Konfabulator platform, shows Yahoo's open-source strategy
for non-browser applications.

New research shows that in moderation dark chocolate can
lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and improve the
body's processing of sugar, according to Science News.

Culture Vulture says The Goebbels Experiment, a documentary
about Hitler's propaganda minister, is a fascinating film
that provides new insights into Goebbels' personality. The
biggest surprise is what a whiny, almost bipolar crybaby its
subject seems to have been.
Eye says Last Days, a fictionalized movie portrait of Kurt
Cobain in his final hours that freely mixes real-life
details with speculative elements, is not going to please
every single person who ever loved a Nirvana song.
No one else making films today plumbs the depths of feeling
and surveys the landscape of the heart with the sensitivity,
the delicacy, and the depth that Wong Kar Wai brings to
"2046," according to Culture Vulture.

Congress recently passed an energy bill that affects oil
producers, refiners, and consumers.  The legislation could
cause prices to rise and oil stocks to fall, according to
The Motley Fool.

Inc. says there are new questions about federal contracts
for small businesses that aren't small.

Forgeries, however clever, could be a thing of the past
thanks to a method of uniquely identifying paper and plastic
surfaces described in Technology Research News.
Popular Mechanics provides an eight step plan to help you
survive in the wilderness.