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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2005-08-10

In this issue:  Return of the extinct, cause of the U.S.'s
poor broadband ranking, and protection from scams.

Time Europe says the crisis in Niger shows just how
difficult it is to beat poverty across Africa.

Wired explains how Banksy has used daring stunts to hijack
the established system of art exhibition, including sneaking
his pieces into exhibits at the Museum of Modern Art and the
Metropolitan Museum of Art.

A South Korean research team has produced the world's first
surviving cloned canine, according to Science News.

Can an annoyed Windows user find happiness in a
multiplatform environment?  PC World tried Mac OS X 10.4
Tiger and Linux Xandros OS 3 Deluxe -- and came away

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Several supposedly-extinct species have reappeared. 
Scientific American says the ivory-billed woodpecker is the
most recent one.

According to Science News, food scientists are developing a
flavorful alternative to nori, the dried seaweed commonly
used in sushi, made from vegetables and fruit.

Geotimes says NOAA has revised its hurricane outlook, with
increased expectations for hurricanes this year.

PC Magazine blames state and federal officials for the
United States' poor ranking in per capita broadband
InternetNews asks whether Microsoft is making a legitimate
effort to make IE a more standards-compliant browser, or
doing just enough to keep developers happy.
PC Magazine considers the outlook for the next 10 years of
the Internet.
PC World reviews Google Earth and MSN Virtual Earth, which
combine satellite images with local search information. 
PC Magazine looks at toolbars that can help protect you from
phishing scams.

Eye says The Dukes of Hazzard is unimaginative, overlong and
cheaply cast, but it's also mildly entertaining.
Culture Vulture says Secuestro Express is a speeding train
of an action movie.  This thriller about kidnappings in
Caracas merges postmodern self-irony with hip-hop
insouciance to explore the profoundly traumatizing effects
of kidnapping.
Broken Flowers has a good deal of off-handed charm and
enough satirical moments to sustain interest, but it's no
more than Don Juan Lite, offering a veneer of profundity but
lacking in payoff, according to Culture Vulture.

---Mutual Funds---
Registered Rep. finds that the mutual fund scandals that
broke two years ago no longer seem as black-and-white as
they used to.

BusinessWeek reports on two new cell phone products -- the
Firefly from Firefly Mobile, and TicTalk from Enfora -- that
let parents limit a child's call list and talk time.

The repair of the shuttle during a space walk last Wednesday
marked a first in the history of NASA.  Geotimes gives the