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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2005-08-03

In this issue:  CEO compensation, healthy juices, and
back-door taxes on the Internet.

HBS Working Knowledge says there is evidence of little or no
relationship between the size of CEO compensation awards and
corporate performance. Why?
Home Toys reports on an experiment to show whether a public
work space could attract mobile workers, thereby increasing
revenue for nearby retailers.

With our supply of fossil fuels running out, Geotimes tells
us about alternative energy sources: biomass, biodiesel,
hydroelectric, wind, hydrogen and photovoltaics.

With fruit juices getting such a bad rap, manufacturers have
been working overtime to create new varieties with added
benefits.  Health tries the newest contenders.

Eye says that The Bridge of San Luis Rey starring Robert De
Niro may be the lamest movie ever wrought from a Pulitzer
prize-winning text.
Culture Vulture reviews "Fear and Trembling," where the
comedy and trauma of East-West relations is seen through the
struggle of a young Belgian woman trying to "fit in" with a
Tokyo corporation.

InternetNews says that Michigan and Utah have imposed what
is effectively an e-mail tax under the guise of protecting

IEEE Spectrum considers the possibility of building a space

InsideFlyer reports that several international airlines are
now offering Wi-Fi on flights.