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Location: Mailing Lists / Archive General Hot Articles / 2005-07-06

In this issue:  World manufacturing competitiveness, outlook
for oil, and globalizing baseball.

HBS Working Knowledge says an employee's chief
responsibility is to ensure the long-term health of a
company, not to follow a manager's instructions even when
they are not productive.
U.S. manufacturers continue to complain about what they
perceive to be an uneven international playing field.  Yet
IndustryWeek reports that the U.S. again ranks No. 1 in
world competitiveness.
Once viewed largely as a way to save on labor costs, robots
today have taken on more significant roles in manufacturing,
according to IndustryWeek.

Science News says the international air transport system
plays a role in the transmission of deadly diseases, such as
influenza and, most recently, SARS.
Cisco Systems Inc.'s medical director is backing a plan in
which big companies such as Cisco will give doctors
financial incentives to adopt technology, with the goal of
cutting costs and improving care, according to BusinessWeek.

Geotimes warns that we are finding less and less oil in
spite of vigorous efforts, suggesting that nature may not
have much more to provide.
BusinessWeek claims that a combination of higher prices,
increased exploration and production spending, and improved
technology, will cause oil supplies to grow much faster than
they have in recent years.

Culture Vulture says that War of the Worlds is spectacle
filmmaking of the highest order.
AskMen surveys classic boxing films.
BusinessWeek says that Hollywood is pushing movies to DVD
and video faster.

A new dinosaur, called Falcarius utahensis, has provided a
previously missing link between carnivorous and herbivorous
therizinosaurs, which lived millions of years apart,
according to Geotimes.

Major League Baseball plans to hold a 16-nation competition
featuring the best players on the planet competing for
national bragging rights.  It represents MLB's push to
globalize baseball.
AskMen claims that the media treats some athletes like gold
while treating others like garbage.

CIO describes MIT's effort to develop a laptop computer that
it plans to sell for $100 each to government agencies that
will distribute them to schoolchildren.
InternetNews reports on legislation that requires companies
to alert customers if their credit card information has been
breached.  The bill also prohibits requiring individuals to
use Social Security numbers as their account numbers.
Energize considers the issue of giving incentives to
volunteer workers.